Adeus Google Answers

As mentioned by Google and then by Seth Google Answers has stopped accepting any new questions and, by the end of the year, will stop accepting even new answers.

But why? They don’t tell.

Is it because it wasn’t profitable? It’s likely but… Google has lots of products that aren’t profitable. But probably this one wasn’t growing as intended.

If I had Google’s huge cashflow, user base and intelectual capital I’d do the following with Google Answers:

  1. Redesign it (it is so so…)
  2. Stop charging people to ask questions
  3. Implement a Googled ranking system for contributors answers (they have great PhDs, I’m sure they’ll have no problem with that)
  4. Give daily/weekly/monthly prizes to the best contributors
  5. Sell advertising space on the site.

If they gave out $5000 prizes daily, how many people do you think would visit the site?


One Response to Adeus Google Answers

  1. Need to Google Answer? Go to Mediavolunteer

    To all those researchers that are itching to continue contributing and enjoy looking up things and providing answers. We still NEED you. Go nuts for the progressive movement Link: Seth’s Blog. Even though Google …

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