Import stock quotes using Excel

There are a lot of tools how there to manage your personal finance, but none seems as flexible and powerful as Excel.

In order to manage your stock portfolio with Excel we need to periodically update your stock quotes and that can be a hassle.

Wait no more, Excel 2003 has a feature called Web Query that’s just great to import stock quotes. Here’s how it works.

You find a site that has the quote you want (e.g. , for Google’s quote).

You open Excel and go to Data->Import External Data->New Web Query

Step 1

Then enter the site’s URL at the next window and select the table that has the quote you want.

Step 2

And you’re done, now you have the information on your spreadsheet and you can do whatever you want with it.

To refresh the Web Query, right click the Range and select “Refresh”. You can also edit the Range’s properties so that it is automatically refreshed.

Step 3


6 Responses to Import stock quotes using Excel

  1. Leonardo says:

    It really helpful … I don’t have to punch in the whole list of my invested stocks anymore … thanks

  2. в итоге: мне понравилось…

  3. Daddy Paul says:

    I want to just say thanks for posting.

  4. Vald de Zere says:

    This spreadsheet is a better solution (and more flexible) than the webs query solution:

    It uses VBA to import the data

  5. top stock picks…

    […]Import stock quotes using Excel « BIT – Business & IT[…]…

  6. Lordui says:

    There is also a great generic tool to move data between systems. See where LordUI moves stock data from webpage into spreadsheet.

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