I was reading John Chow’s Dining Like It’s 1999 post and them something popped up in front of me: tips.

This is a good example on how ocidental cultures can be so different.

In Portugal (that’s Europe, in case you don’t know) the common is “no tip”. If the service is good we may tip about 5%. If the service is awesome it could probably reach 10%.

But 16% service charge on my check is something I’d never pay in Portugal (), no matter what. I don’t really get it, it’s like they’re saying:

Wether you like the service, food and all, or not you’ll still tip us as we want.

I don’t know how you Americans stand this kind of behaviour.
Maybe I should try charging an extra 16% to my clients for the all-night longers, wasted time with meetings and extra stuff I do for them…


One Response to Tipping

  1. joe smith says:

    as a cook i work for what i earn but wait staff who dont work as hard take home a lot more then me they banquet wait staff can earn up to $600.00 dollars a day and they also get extra tips if the client likes the food and service but the cooks and dish washers dont get a cut of it its hard to make it when your hourly and like what you do as a cook wait staff have it to good

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